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How Contemporary Home Life Can Look


US designer Todd Bracher has been nominated as the guest of honor for “Das Haus – Interiors on Stage.“ This prominent design event at the imm cologne international interiors show (16. – 22. 01. 2017) shows, in the form of a simulated house, how contemporary home life can look – seen through the eyes of a young but already very influential designer. Step right in!

The architectural design radicalizes the traditional notion of 3-rooms plus kitchen, hallway and bathroom by intertwining three zones: one for dining, one for rest and one for hygiene. With distinctively spacious qualities, the overlapping areas are designed and furnished to meet the contemporary needs of modern life. Following his classical approach to design rigorously, his haus looks at reducing complexity to its simplest elements and functions, questioning why we choose a particular lifestyle.

Bracher’s Das Haus features two interwoven but significantly contrasting spaces under a floating roof. The first, acting as the entrance, welcomes guest into a large room that is surrounded by bookshelves and a gorgeous burgundy semi-transparent shell made from Création Baumann‘s Sinfonia fabric. Everyday items, ranging from books to plants to tools, are displayed on these shelves showing how space accommodates for all aspects of modern life. The light, open area, leads to the second room: a black cube over which a ball seems to hover as it emits a moonlight glow. inside the more intimate zone, guests can enjoy the cozy and calm environment in complete privacy.

With the visions of a dining and rest spaces created, the stage presents its third and final intertwined zone: the one for hygiene. Set on the rocky outside of Das Haus, the showering and washing area is placed by the meeting point between the dining and restrooms. The basic facilities envision the most challenging aspect of the overall design as it is a significant difference to the typical bathroom of modern life. In doing so, space highlights the truly elementary needs for people and their daily lives.