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Archiplan Studio add Glam to the Historical Building in Mantova


Beautiful, sophisticated and modern read on a reconstruction of a historical building in the city of Mantova, Italy carried by Archiplan Studio.

The renovation of this multi-storey building is carried with great devotion to the detail and an eye towards the elegant luxury allowed by modern technology and materials. Precious details like the ceilings, the walls, the original organic textures and layout of the premises; are preserved with their rich historical spirit and entwined with some trendy and modern elements and material. The brass and copper insertions throughout the decor introduce not only very luxurious and sophisticated emanation but also add glam and trendiness to the interior decor composition.

The color and materials palette used by the architects are organic, light and corresponding with the clear-lined design arrangement. The elegant entwinement between rustic charm and high-end contemporary minimalism is quite a game visible in some detail juxtaposition. Behind the clear glazed arched doors, the staircase arrangement combines the old fashioned toreutic with a modern light installation.

In the kitchen, gorgeous ceiling and whitewashed walls coexist with latest technology appliances. The living room original windows with their historical charm illuminate the modern bespoke furniture arrangement. The abundance of organic materials like wood, clay, brick and stone becomes the perfect canvas for the clear-lined shapes of the modern furnishing. Everything in the detailing of the interior decor composition is kept light and organic composting a luminous and luxurious ambiance.