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Luminous Restaurant Space by Zones Design


This luminous restaurant space located in Hubei Sheng, China and designed by Zones Design offers not only contemporary atmosphere but also a play of juxtapositions. Two floors of light modern design combine the warmth of the wooden structures with the industrial influence of raw concrete, dark metal frames, and artistic tiles arrangement. The ground floor features an open space where wooden and metal lattices entwine artistically on the light-reflecting background of white and gray walls and floors.

The organic light wood is juxtaposed to the row presence of shining white tiles, robust metal frames, and the concrete shell. On the second floor, the 3D arrangement of the black and white tiles is supplemented by soft textures (in the shape of light blue curtains and furniture upholsteries) that give more cozy and relaxed atmosphere for chill out time. Throughout the restaurant, fashionable lamps’ installations give a trendy edge to the design. The contrast of the materials secures not only light and unique atmosphere but also offers a delicate mixture between modern industrialism and hints of traditional Asian dining space experience.