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Desert Loft in Kiev by YoDezeen


Architects team YoDezeen have managed to create a warm atmosphere at this industrial-like space they called Desert loft in Kiev, Ukraine.

When thinking of a typical loft, probably rather a cold and enough dark atmosphere come to mind. But in this case we have managed to create a rather warm atmosphere regarding industrial-like space: exposed concrete surface on the ceiling, natural wood as one of primary finishing materials, functional furniture upholstered in raw leather, exposed wiring on the ceiling and track lighting.

Our client’s addiction to rare cactuses that grow in Southern and Northern Americas has influenced the whole project. Thin high cactuses have been applied as the main decorative accent and placed behind a glass partition that separates the open-space area including kitchen, dining and living zones from the bedroom. These rare plants are illuminated with spot lights built in the floor. In fact, we used a typical for desert color palette widely using different sandy colors to add some desert feeling to space.