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Vizor Office Interior by Studio11


The project was developed for the working floor of Vizor Interactive company – one of the leading international developers of multiplayer games for browser, social networks and mobile platforms with its headquarters in Minsk, Belarus. The interior was created by Studio11, in collaboration with the guys from Facultative.Works, who were responsible for space graphic design and separate interior details.

The interior concept is defined by industrial yet light, cheerful and neatly balanced stylistics keeping up with modern design and architecture trends. It is a place where you will find the openness of loft and minimalism, the nuance application of color and light, as well as graphic compositions inspired by avant-garde design.

Our principal objective was to transform a standard and mundane layout of a typical business center into a creative space for an ingenious development team, an area characterized by comfort and inviting to productive work. Despite using some particular patterns, space features quite a diversity and intrigue with each of the premises showing its individuality. All this creates vivacious atmosphere and has a favorable effect on the team’s work.

The interior was structured around the central rectangular block housing the kitchen, WC facilities and the server room, which became the primary graphic and color focus of the workspace. The block is paneled with plywood and tinted MDF of two colors. The ceiling is open and painted white, thus demonstrating the elegance of structures and communication lines. The floor on the entire level as well as the ceiling is made in one technique – it is a self-leveling floor with marble chips filling, which forms an unusual graphic texture. As a result, the top and the bottom shape a stylistic entity of space.

The rest can be described as a synthesis of various materials. The prevailing color of walls and partitions is white. Some of the reinforced concrete structures are left untouched. The meeting room is arranged inside a glass box. The game room is fitted with acoustic panels for sound absorption. The work premises are airy, open and well insulated. The ladies’ and men’s rooms differ only in the interior lighting color. The sink cabinets have been designed specifically for this project. Plywood panels and green plants add comfort and coziness to the interior, whereas colorful panels, neon installations, and accent details attenuate sternness and austerity. The colors and bright but complex. Photography by Dmitry Tsyrencshikov