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VP House by Studio Guilherme Torres


The VP House project of architectural studio Guilherme Torres in Sao Paulo, Brazil features the unmistakable vivid signature of the architects’ style and warm, welcoming atmosphere that carries the playful spirit of its location. The combination of natural materials and neutral colors in the interior gives a feeling of peace and comfort. The apartment includes – living room, dining room, kitchen, two bedrooms and three bathrooms.

The open plan kitchen, dining and living zone premises feature an eclectic mixture of vintage elements, fashionable, trendy defiles, and whimsical insertions. The elegant marble fireplace coexists with gorgeous wooden cladding and clever design elements with a funny twist like the air hostess car that is turned into a bar, the beautiful dark blue dining table with retro carved legs and as modern spies the brass lighting installations above the dining table. This in combination with fashionable and custom made furniture pieces, intriguing art and clay details (all lade above the delicate pattern of the tile flooring that goes throughout the apartment and gives and unity to the design selection) secures a unique character for the home décor.

The typical for the designer’s pastel color combinations alongside unique furniture solutions are also adding to the playful spirit and ease sensation of the place. The marble cladded bathrooms (sustained in minimalist language that offers functionality and comfort) the natural textures and the intriguing lamps and lighting installations throughout the house offer an elegant and luxurious emanation. The children’s room features more bold colors and many playful details that secure a vivid spirit and good time experience.   Photography by Denilson Machado_MCA Studio