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Co-Working Space Hubba-to by Supermachine Studio


Hubba-to – a co-working space brought to a new level of creative design and innovative spirit. The designers from Supermachine Studio had develop the second hub and co-working space of Hubba-to in a new mall location in Thailand to be funny, dynamic and artistic so that the people that join the location can feel the dynamic spirit of modern days working experience. The space consist of several different areas including handmade facilities such as pottery and wood studio, open kitchen and photography dark room, screening room for different lectures, workshops and seminars as well.

Undoubtedly the most intruding and eye-catching feature of the space are the artistic light installations created by the designers that took the idea of extending networking lines of Hubba-to’s original logo and multiply them to ideologically unify the space on ground and second floor. Turquoise electric M&E lines go throughout the premises bringing light, unique character and something very “technical“ and “jazzy” to the design composition.

The new trend of working cooperatives, open offices and co-working spaces puts new challenges in front of designers and providers. This space offers not only the flexibility and free modern spirit of design and arrangement but also ingenuity (regarding not only all the light and lamps installations but also the charm of custom-made furniture and fittings in intriguing shapes). The row industrial atmosphere of the premises coming from the high ceilings, the exposed concrete structures and the abundance of metal constructs and frames adds to the modernistic implication of the design arrangement. As people say; there is a plays for everyone to enjoy work – you just have to find it. Photography by Wison Tungthunya