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F House by Pitsou Kedem Architects


The renowned Israeli architectural studio (we follow from some time now) Pitsou Kedem Architects had composed this luxurious home in the ideological border of privet and social space. The vast glass openings of the facade create a blurred border between the outside word and the house interior – the transparency although is illusional thanks to a cleverly arraigned inner courtyards and orientation the unobstructed view between in and out still secures the privacy of the inhabitants.

This play of connections between in and out, privet and public creates a space that gives a gallery-like feeling without disturbing the fragile intimacy of a home. The facade viewed from the street resembles an opaque monolithic slab, covered in dark stone with an avenue of young trees leading the visitors into the artistic entrance where a decorative wooden lattice welcomes you at the front door.

The interior offers a clear-lined simplicity typical fort the architects take on a contemporary design where almost minimalist trendy furnishing entwines with modern art pieces and intriguing design details (like VIBIA lamp installations, B&B Italia, Porro furniture and some unique custom-made insertions). Thanks to the abundance of natural sunlight, the light color scheme and the smooth surfaces the interior design give a vibe of easy, communicable space that is open and free to explore.

The luxurious materials palette (another signature of the architects), the vast open premises, the modern furniture and fittings arrangement and some additional breathtaking extras like the large swimming pool area, or the gorgeous trees introduced almost into the interior décor secure an unique, luxurious and very inviting space to live in.  Photography by Amit Geron