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Moscow Dwelling for a Large Family by Studio FORM


Combining three regular apartments into one large dwelling to host a large family the architectural studio FORM composed this modern interior in central Moscow in the essential guidelines of elegant and comfortable style. The materials palette is dominated by oak and walnut cladding, furniture and custom-made fittings, this combined with soft textures, unostentatious and comfortable furniture and intriguing insertions (like the mirror sliding doors and trendy lamps compositions) creates a classy and welcoming atmosphere.

The open plan of the living premises offers sunny and spacious arrangement decided in pastel colors with hints of bolder ideas like turquoise, red or pink. Throughout of the apartment designers’ pieces of furniture and impressive lamps, combinations give character to space. E particularly enjoy the brass lamp installation above the dining table. The usage of marble (like the countertops in the kitchen and bathrooms) together with the gorgeous wooden cladding (just check out this spacious corridor or the heavy mahogany in the bedroom) add class and luxurious feeling to the decor. An apartment project presents us with an interesting example of modern Russian interior design idea.