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Penthouse Prenzlauer Berg by Berlin Rodeo


Joshua & Natsuko from Chibi Moku is releasing the final project from their Europe trip. This project is a super funky condo in Berlin for interior designers Berlin Rodeo.

When you a creating a pad for a bachelor, there are opportunities for a design that are not available when designing other interiors. In “Penthouse Prenzlauer Berg” by Berlin Rodeo, this is exactly the case. Using some a combination of geometric shapes and warm tones, they create a place that is perfect for a late evening gathering or summer party. There are many one-of-a-kind pieces in this flat, but also some of the latest materials on the market infused with Berlin Rodeo style.

Come explore the details of this apartment with Ingo, Axel, (and their dachshund Elliot), as they discuss the unique elements and ideas behind their design at this video. This apartment goes to show that you can create a funky bachelor pad by pushing the boundaries of design a little.