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Semi Detached House Renovation


Rob Mols Architect, Studio K Interior & Landscape Architects had redesigned this semi-detached house in Leuven, Belgium into a sunny, contemporary and welcoming home that reflects its owner’s passions for sports, books, and travel.

Using exposed timber constructs: columns, beams, and panels; in light coloring, alongside vast windows and sliding glass doors, which lead to magnificent privet garden and courtyard. The orientation an abundance of the glass walls introduced a full amount of natural light deep inside the house and combined with the light materials and colors palette bring luminous and homey sensation to the interior decor.

Custom made furnishing like the beautiful dark timber constructs in the kitchen, that can be closed by the sliding panels is combined with comfortable modern pieces of furniture, some vintage additions and well-picked pieces of art. A combination that underlines the modern spirit of the interior composition.

Trendy lighting installations add extra luminosity to the open premises; mostly suspended black lamps designed by the Bouroullec brothers for Flos, decorate the spaces of the house and introduce an additional modern twist to the design arrangement.

The color combinations are mostly light and unostentatious, but the designers have added some very dark elements: like the dark wood of the library corner or the deep pastels and dark colored walls; which is also very trendy and modern that brings and underlines the more privet and cozy emanation of these zones. The house also features some untypical zones like a sports gym – with additional gallery like functions, plenty of space for storage purposes to exhibit books and paintings, green roof with ornamental grasses and flowers and even sauna functioning bathroom, all of which ensure comfortable modern lifestyle.  Photography by David Dumon