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Apartment in Luxury Residential Tower in Tamsui City Taiwan


Playful and even whimsical with its contemporary furnishing and design details the interior arrangement of this apartment located in luxury residential tower in Tamsui City Taiwan. Strongly influenced and inspired by the water presence that surrounds the architectural project of the building: spa, pool in each unit, the nearby river and the powerful views over the sea.

The designers from Waterfrom Design – Nic Lee had ensured that the apartment has an open plan layout which allows free movement of the inhabitants and the spectacular view to come through the panoramic windows and to be observed from every corner of the living premises. The designer’s arrangement of furnishing and finishing brings an ease and timeless sensation to the premises float. Soft contemporary furniture ensures the comfy appearance of the space.

The materials palette is exquisite and carefully selected. Italian Memento antiqued-effect porcelain tiles paved the floor in most areas, neutral colors and earth tones, such as beige in the leather main wall, beige gray in floorings; light brown, green granite back wall and off-white in travertine main wall have been successfully used to convey moods of placidity and easiness of the space atmosphere. The mild color selection has not only an elegant atmosphere purpose but is also used as a space divider rather than decoration – the transition from the brown swimming pool deck to the shining surface of the living room tile floor and then again to the warm wooden bedroom flooring defines the living premises. The bathroom is clad in gorgeous gray marble that enhances the water and clinging sensation of the space purpose. According to the designers, the space arrangement is inspired by the Dutch neoplasticism with its pure abstraction and simplicity, were the aesthetic appearances is reduced to essentials of forms but is still relying on curves and natural forms for its final layout.   Photography by Sam Tsen