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RIGIdesign Office Design


The latest tendencies in office-space design show that designers can go for bold, colorful and artistic ambiances or choose the elegant serenity of the minimalist approach, but in bout cases, the playful, dynamic element is always present to refresh and vitalize the working place. The design of Kai Liu, RIGIdesign team’s office located in China is no exception – they show the calm, stylish and elegant design of their working place with an intriguing, playful twists.

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While creating their new headquarters Kai Liu, the founder of RIGI, was guided by the interaction between the people and space, the possibility of upgrading and developing their ambiance and the multidimensional float of space. The office is located in a former factory with a bit challenging geometry: simple rectangular space with natural light coming from only one side. So when functionally dividing the place into different purpose zones, the designers meet the challenge of having a few spaces with no direct access to outside windows – so they found quite creative solutions.

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Check the pure simplicity and whiteness of the conference-room – here the long narrow space is softened and made attractive by the hidden LED installations and the pinched roof form of the ceiling. With its futuristically shaped furniture, the smooth white surfaces and the minimalistic ambiance it has a bit playful, space-ship like an emanation.

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The same creative and fresh approach towards space arrangement and decoration we find throughout the office premise. Pots with plants vitalize and entertain (sometimes found in unusual spaces – like above the suspended lamps or in high corners). Playful designer elements (like the numbered glass bottles) or graphic wall decorations refresh and move the simplicity and the clear Asian aesthetic of the office interior. The color scheme is also adding to the serene and welcoming ambiance- restrained color palette with mild, pastel tonalities is always refreshing and stylish.

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And although the place emanates some restrained and minimalistic elegance the playful dynamic is visible thru-and-thru; in the unusually shaped rectangular volumes with suspended geomantic boxes hanging from the ceiling, in the variating sequence of surfaces, shelving’s and even coloring. This office design is an excellent example of how modern clear simplicity can also be entertaining and intriguing.  Photographs Jack Wen

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