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Office Space in Montreal by La Shed Architecture


This minimalist, creative and playful office space is located in a former warehouse in the district of Plateau-Mont-Royal in Montreal, Canada and is designed by architectural studio La Shed for their main quarters.

office space la shed 6

office space la shed 7

office space la shed 15

Giving a modern look to the original architectural construct without disturbing its integrity and obvious charms the designers composed one well balanced and enjoyable atmosphere. A bright orange paint over the old central columns of space is enough to refresh and reimagine the space. Following a stylish contemporary idea the same bright orange thread goes throughout the whiteness of the color base and brings unity and playfulness to the design.

office space la shed 14

office space la shed 9

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office space la shed 16

office space la shed 2

office space la shed 1

The space arrangement is rather straightforward and functional but thanks to the clear stylistic of the beautiful wooden chairs and other stylish furniture, the fresh combination between pure white and electric orange; at the end the ambiance is composed as dynamic yet easy-going, contemporary working space. The very intriguing and artistic twist comes from the basement where the bathroom premises are located. Contrasting with the whiteness of the upper floor here a back tunnel-like space with sliding doors that disappear completely once open create a limitless space. The designers also introduced another intriguing optical illusion – the sink that seems to float midst-space –thanks to the creators’ game with mirrors and surface textures: rocky stones and smooth black surfaces. Altogether the office offers to intrigue yet calm working atmosphere, combining the romance of the original construct with a modern minimalist approach towards the functionality and with a dash of playful and entertaining spirit.

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