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Haitang Villa – Truly Amazing Art Home


What You think is a visual illusion or a Photoshop, but it’s not! The duality of premises is a wanted effect that is a result of unique architectural approach and artistic finishes. Back to nature is not only a concept for this project of Archstudio in suburban Beijing – based on blurring the borders, visual illusions and combining contemporary with original Asian and organic design the architects achieve to compose one truly amazing art home.

haitang villa 14

haitang villa 12

haitang villa 15

haitang villa 13

The environment is rich in layers and playing with the duality of materials: pure white and concrete, oak grille alternating with bamboo constructs and bespoke cement fittings – the project becomes a unique and welcoming experience for its inhabitants. The bamboo fortress that composes the courtyard brings the Asian serenity and natural presence into the interior and sets the tone on which the juxtaposition of contemporary design and organic materials will play.

haitang villa 11

haitang villa 1

The tea room gives us a preview of the contrasts on which the premises are composed: gray cement paint and custom made counter and table tops are visually separated from the white base and the oak construct. The same contrast technique is used in the other spaces of this tree floors home – bedroom, living room and dining zone. This duality and juxtaposition is noticeable throughout the long and artistic living premise – alternating pure white with warm wood, all arranged in minimalistic language with unique characteristics – tunnel-like sensation achieved through the usage of round corners, contemporary bespoke furnishing and enchanting textures.

haitang villa 22

haitang villa 17

haitang villa 18

haitang villa 19

It’s like walking through someone’s calm dream. But the premise that unites best the Asian stylistics and tradition with the organic, serene presence of nature is the book room – where the wooden furniture and constructs are supplemented by the large panoramic windows and soft textures. Thru-and-thru this house project offers exceptional space compositions and enchanting design solutions that should be explored and enjoyed thoughtfully.

haitang villa 4

haitang villa 5

haitang villa 20

haitang villa 3

haitang villa 2

haitang villa 8

haitang villa 9

haitang villa

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haitang villa 21