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Tulip Multifunctional Armchairs by Chairs & More


Polyurethane Tulip chair with armrests design by Kazuko Okamoto for manufacturer Chairs & More.

polyurethane tulip chair 1

polyurethane tulip chair 3

polyurethane tulip chair 4

polyurethane tulip chair 5

The Tulip collection designed by Kazuko Okamoto, is a series of multifunctional armchairs that represent a new concept in sitting. Tulip comes in two variants – Small and Large – and they differ not only in size but also in shape and ergonomics.
Tulip Small, regular and symmetrical, is a chair placed in different environments: catering, meeting room, waiting. Depending on its destination, can be equipped with a small metal table top.

polyurethane tulip chair 2

polyurethane tulip chair 6

polyurethane tulip chair 7

Tulip Large is an innovative new seat, featuring an asymmetrical shape and a handy pull-out table, elements that invite sitters to use a tablet or laptop, read or consume food and drink.
The two variants can be easily combined to create groups of workstations in office,  waiting and meeting rooms.
In both versions, the shell is in soft polyurethane, with water based painted fire retardant finish, while the legs are in a natural ash. Characterized by a harmonious combination of curved lines and rounded elements, the overall style is new and playful. The colors are also soft and contemporary in shades of blue, gray, white and yellow, but also available in red and black.

tulip large new seat 1

tulip large new seat 3

tulip large new seat 2