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House Project for the Canadian Suburban – Modern and Full of Light


Untypical communal house project for the Canadian suburban – modern and full of light – where functionality meets design.

house project canadian 6

house project canadian 4

house project canadian 7

Very light and bright interiors surrounded by contemporary and playful architecture. And although there was no specific homeowner to design for the team from office of mcfarlane biggar architects + designers drew their inspiration from the unique characteristic of the surrounding for this three modern homes. Located near beautiful and lush ravines with unobstructed views toward the city of North Vancouver, the lot offers a wonderful blank canvas for the creation of dynamic, contemporary and cozy new homes. The architects had put special thought in the design of private and public spaces, securing not only the views and the access but also creating extra suites for long- term guests or simply for the ever-changing and growing family life.

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The interaction between the in and out for all the premises is easygoing, natural and mediated by living plants and greenery – no matter if it’s the roof garden or the passage from the kitchen to the garden trough the sliding doors – the functionality meets the aesthetics one more in this thoughtful project. The interior design is light, bright and presenting a classic mixture of functionality, comforts and light style. Unostentatious furniture in classical shapes and mainly white or beige tonalities compose one very welcoming and cozy ambiance and supplemented by the soft textures and the natural sunlight presents one truly “come and live in me”- vibe kind of place.

house project canadian 3

house project canadian 2

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