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Elegant Asian House in Singapore


Creating a play of visual connections between spaces, an elegant float from room to room and artistic continuity between the house and its gardens and surrounding the architects from WOW Architects and Warner Wong Design set this contemporary villa located in Singapore as one of the architectural marks of the region. The stylistics of the project combines with refinement the Asian minimalist and connection with the nature, the modern functionality of the furnishing and the classic warmth of the material choices.

asian house garden

pool vital tropical greenery

vital tropical greenery window living room

cleverly arranged views greenery

The spaces of the house can provide simultaneously a private retreat for the inhabitants and variety of social gathering arrangements for a meaningful connection. The cleverly arranged views to the greenery provide a sense of serenity and reflection to the owners and ground them to their environment – something very typical for the Asian homes.

elegant furnishing interior design

elegant furnishing living room interior

exposed concrete raw wood staircase

exposed concrete walls

The premises are elongated, full of light and constructed with high-quality materials. The living and dining rooms are connected in one continuous space with a swimming pool at one end and a rear garden at the other providing an elegant and functional family gathering space. The intense design dialog between the exposed concrete and raw wood architectural construct, the vital tropical greenery of the landscape and the artistic collections and elegant furnishing of the interior design solutions is memorable and very inviting.  Photographs: Aaron Pocock

asian minimalist house interior

asian minimalist house bathroom interior

asian minimalist bedroom interior

asian minimalist house decor

modern unctionality art in garden

elegant asian house