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Mororo House


Looked from a distance Mororó House has very mysteries and even enchanted presence. The clear elegance of this Studio MK27 project is magnificently supplemented by the enchanted natural surroundings of the Brazilian mountain landscape. Situated not far from Sao Paulo on a mountain side famous for its low temperatures (in comparison with the tropical climate of the rest of Brazil) the house has a specific and enigmatic presence.

very cozy welcoming mororo house 1

extremely cozy stylish mororo house 3

extremely cozy stylish mororo house 2

Despite the misty, majestic and beautiful forests that surround the house the long open space arrangement of the architectural volumes achieves very cozy and welcoming ambiance thanks to the warm material palette used in the construction (wood, stone and glass that creates an atrium like spaces). The caramel-like color of the extensive wooden cladding is replicated and extended in the usage of natural materials which colors are close and in same the earthly tonality. This enveloping of the interior in natural materials and their simple and clear expressions creates extremely cozy, stylish and comfortable atmosphere.

extremely cozy stylish mororo house 1

extremely cozy stylish mororo house

very cozy welcoming mororo house

extremely cozy stylish mororo house 4

dark gray stone floor 1

dark gray stone floor 2

In the living room under the exposed void of the pitched roof, the local art sculptures and ceramic, the bespoke wooden furniture and the knitted rugs are cleverly supplementing the natural material background – dark gray stone floor and timber cladding for walls and roof. The kitchen is light, functional and modern and is elegantly separated from the living area by a dining zone with bespoke wooden table and suspended designer’s lamps. The secluded and sheltered atrium space for the swimming pool area allows the premise to be used all year round despite the climate. The extensive wooden deck that surrounds the house makes the elegant connection between the cozy interior and the beautiful landscape of the region.

extensive wooden deck

atrium space swimming pool area

atrium space swimming pool area 3

extensive wooden deck 1

beautiful forests surround house

beautiful forests surround house 1

majestic beautiful forests surround house

mororo house

Photographs: Fernando Guerra | FG+SG

long open space arrangement architectural volumes