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Delta House by Bernardes Arquitetura


What’s the point of building in a typical Brazilian landscape environment (nonetheless laid on the border of important Atlantic Forest reserve) if the contemporary architecture doesn’t take full advantage of the stunning nature and views that surround the property? This house project of Bernardes Arquitetura is created for a large family and has the goal to offer warm comfort elegantly combined with stylish contemporary approach. The exterior of the modern architectural volumes is clad with stone, glass and, not at last, with character-defining wooden sunscreens. Those tin elegant wooden bodies bring,  apart from character and individuality to the facade, also privacy for the inhabitants, and  provide a combined transparent – yet sheltered view from the inside of the house.

delta house 7

delta house 5

floating out onto sea lounge

metal columns glass partitions

breathtaking view atlantic infinity pool

Nested between the luxuriant and exotic local plant life with a breathtaking view over the Atlantic (the infinity pool straightens the feeling of floating out onto the sea directly from the lounge) the house exuberates ease sunny warmth. The interior design is an interesting mixture between stylish vernaculars furniture and decorative elements and contemporary high-tech materials and functional solutions. The knitted straw rugs are wonderfully supplemented by the white textiles and the wooden piece furniture and decoration. The metal columns and the glass partitions bring unostentatious framing to the whole canvas.

modern architectural volumes clad stone

character defining wooden sunscreens

delta house 9

delta house 3

delta house

delta house 1

house exotic local plant life breathtaking view