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Ocean Deck Villa with Magnificent Ocean View


This massive villa with its multiple wooden decks and terraces, magnificent ocean and garden views and unobstructed in and out float, is certainly and a good example of luxurious, contemporary sea-house design. Geographically located in Bridgehampton, NY, USA the house is spiritually bounded and nested between the beach dunes (that the architects did every effort to preserve as integrity and as biodiversity). This close connection of the villa with its surrounding is reflected not only in the architectural solutions for cantilevered decks, roof terraces and floor-to-ceiling windows but also in the choice of natural materials and textiles for the house interior design.

ocean deck villa 2

ocean deck villa

coastal villa pool area

cozy romantic coach swing nest

contemporary sea house wooden terraces

The house is designed by Stelle Lomont Rouhani Architects for an active family that likes to cook and entertain and that is reflected in the choice of functional modern furnishing and decoration. The furnishing solutions throughout the house – from the very cozy and romantic coach-swing-nest at the deck to the stylish sofa in the living room – is elegant, contemporary and in its simple white way – artistic. The knitted cane rugs, floating chairs and designer’s lamps add to the charm of the house and give it a clean, stylish and artistic outlook. The neutral color palate of the premises is emanating fresh sea breeze that allows the warmth of the wood and the black and white decorative accents to stand out. In this coastal villa, the simplicity of colors, architectural volumes, and material palettes is just a clear canvas on which the freshness and artistry of the design solutions to unroll.  Photographs: Matthew Carbone

ocean deck villa 1

magnificent ocean view

good example luxurious contemporary sea house

massive villa multiple wooden decks

roof terraces

ocean deck villa kitchen interior

functional modern furnishing decoration

natural materials textiles house interior design

ocean deck villa interior

floor to ceiling windows bedroom

ocean deck villa 3

coastal villa