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Ktima House by Camilo Rebelo and Susana Martins


Influenced by the Mediterranean spirit and architecturally following the typography of these mellow Greek hills the Ktima house project is conceptually entwining order and chaos, modern edge and rustic elements, rich history and open future. The architects Camilo Rebelo + Susana Martins created very unique and dynamic spatial arrangement that not only blends perfectly with its natural surrounding (following the curve of the hills and using its vegetation for the green roofs) but also achieved high sustainability indicators using natural ventilation, underground cooling system and low energy consummation.

modern edge rustic elements house

mediterranean house design pool area

mediterranean house design

vegetation green roofs

green roofs mediterranean house

The interior arrangement of the premises is bright, welcoming and ostentatiously eclectic. It successfully combines contemporary art and furnishing with rustic elements and typical local textures. The Mediterranean style dominated by white, gray and blue perfectly fits the clear, simple elegance of this interior design. Letting the sunlight and the white reflections create bright, cozy atmosphere the designers left the furnishing solutions almost minimalistic and as natural as possible.  Photographs: Claudio Reis

mediterranean house

living room interior rustic elements typical local textures

bedroom interior rustic elements typical local textures

mediterranean house bathroom