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Layers of White – Penthouse Located in Tel Aviv


Layers of white – this is how the architects from Pitsou Kedem Architects call their new penthouse project located in Tel Aviv. Spacious, modern and full of light – is what we can add.

white monochromatic living room

graphic interior natural light

The vast panoramic windows, acquired after the reconstruction, not only provide spectacular view over the whole city but also fill this graphic interior with natural light – allowing its elegant, artistic shapes and lines to stand out. The stylish simplicity of color and materials, accompanied by memorable graphic patterns and intriguing contemporary shapes is a preserved interior decoration trademark for the architects. The dining – living room area is closely attached to the spacious terrace – both premises united in the architectural expression of the free float-space and the decorative solutions. The characteristic modern furniture in basic colors often laid on interestingly shaped aluminum frames is another signature presence that shapes the furnishing solution of the spaces. The terrace itself has one more very eye-catching feature – the artistic green wall – the shapes of which repeat the graphic patterns found throughout the premise – on walls, textures or even lightning solutions.

white monochromatic terrace

eye catching feature artistic green wall

richness white tonalities layers

white monochromatic terrace 1

spectacular view over city

The play of light and shadow, the long narrow premises, the discreet lighting arrangements – all becomes a scene where the richness of the white tonalities and layers can be unfolded. If someone ever tells you that white is monochromatic and even boring – this apartment is definitive proof of the opposite. Photographs: Amit Geron

dining living room attached spacious terrace

vast panoramic windows

textures even on lightning solutions

free float space decorative solutions

discreet lighting arrangements

modern furniture basic colors

white monochromatic bathroom

white monochromatic bedroom

white monochromatic bedroom interior