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Stylish, Clear – Lined NQ House


Taiwanese architects and designers continue with the tendency of presenting us stylish, clear – lined and refreshing interior projects! This well balanced, contemporary and innovative three-level house is located in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam and the architects in charge from Nha Dan Architect succeed in creating a really unique and elegant home. The interesting architectural solutions – like the vast openings of the ground floor that secures the natural ventilation and lighting of the premises, the gorgeous roof terrace greenery and swimming pool are supplemented by light, simple and modern interior decoration.

floating shoal silver drops main living premise

silver drops light living room

artistic decoration dining area

dining room

modern interior kitchen

vast openings ground floor

innovative three level house

clear lined refreshing interior projects

The abundance of natural light into the rooms do not exclude some very interesting and artistic lamp solutions – like the floating shoal of silver drops in the main living premise, or the eclectic and vintage deck lamps that can be found throughout the premises. The materials selections and color palette correspond with the whole vibe of the place – they are natural, light and clean. The wood parts pair up beautifully with the white textures and colors. The unusual modern shapes, the discreet presence of artistic decoration and the occasional splashes of vivid colors, bring additional character and charm to this modern dwelling.



roof terrace greenery swimming pool

terrace greenery swimming pool

three level house 5

three level house