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Australian Paddington Residence by Ellivo Architects Studio


Row architecture, contemporary design, open plan living spaces, restrained color palate with few colorful elements for richness and the amazing character defining 100 – year – old protected fig tree in the garden. Maybe for some this family home can be described as “yet another example of modern Australian suburban culture and architecture” but the project definitely has its one charm and unique character. The living quarters with their high ceilings, open plan architecture, free shifting levels of inhabitation and sliding glass doors towards the calm gardens, define space as something provisionally and free floating. This freedom and openness of the family home is straightened by the materials choice and the color base. Burnished concrete floors, folded steel, wooden deking and cladding – all stylish chooses made for the construction of this contemporary space by the architects from Ellivo Architects Studio.

row architecture contemporary design

living room arrangement

rich texture red carpets

living room arrangement color pallet solutions

The concrete floors and the massive steel, stone and concrete furniture and fittings dominate and define the modernity of the premise, but small colorful touches, parts from the decor (like the rich texture of the red carpets of the vibrant green of decorative elements and lighting fittings) are the ones that convert the shining modern architecture into a welcoming home. This dynamic correlation is very well observed at the living room arrangement and the color pallet solutions. Different shades of gray (result from different combination of wide variety of materials – brick, stone, concrete, leather and steel) vitalized and wormed by vivid red and green. The close bond between inside and outside premises (secured by vast window and sliding glass doors), the dominating presence of the rich local plant life are another trademark which grantees the unique charm warmth of this home.

burnished concrete floors folded steel

unique charm warmth this home

open plan living space

kitchen different shades gray

sliding glass doors

concrete floors

flooring different shades gray

modern australian home

modern australian bedroom interior

bathroom different shades gray

modern australian suburban culture architecture

modern australian suburban architecture