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Minimalistic Asian Restaurant with Fresh Green Elements


 This minimalistic Asian restaurant located in Beijing China is a tasteful combination between vintage elements and contemporary urban architecture and design. This project is new concept style created by Golucci International Design for the one of the largest noodle house brands in China- Mr Lee Noodle. With its 500 restaurants, the brand opens this new space as a presentation of word traveling story that combines space layout from America, European urban minimalistic and decoration with purely Chinese presence.

exposed brick walls noodle house decor

fresh green elements decorations

tasteful combination vintage elements contemporary urban architecture

minimalistic asian restaurant fresh green elements

vintage decor elements noodle house

Polished wooden surfaces and furniture, exposed brick walls and fresh green elements in the decorations bring earthly and natural appearance to the space, leaving the dining process to become stylish, free and fresh experience. The dynamic contrast between the still earthly palettes of the wood, the brownish floor and furniture and the bright and vital green color of lamps, chairs and tables is indisputably the fresh signature touch of this interior.

noodle house

european urban minimalistic decoration

minimalistic asian restaurant

asian restaurant