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Dramatic Seaside Villa by BLANKPAGE Architects


Possessing very unusual layout and dramatic seaside landscape location this Lebanon villa by BLANKPAGE Architects, captures us immediately with its intriguing and contemporary design. The horizontal architectural layout owns certain rhythm; alternating different levels of steel structure, wooden decking and discreet glass enclosure. The construct is cleverly orientated so that captures not only the spectacular views but also a very animated play of the sunlight throughout the day – finishing at sunset when the fiery red beam of sunlight penetrate deep into the open plan house.

dramatic sea side landscape location lebanon villa

steel structure wooden decking lebanon villa

The color spectrum of the surrounding landscape and views in combination with the abundance of wooden decking, cladding and furnishing determines the color range in which the interior design is decided. Earthly colors, gray beige and calming blue are successfully combined with local craft, artifact and decorations, bringing authentic character for the house. The furnishing, textures and lighting design by .PSLAB, are simple, functional and contemporary – creating light and open – dynamic spaces. No doubt the spectacular natural surroundings in combination with the unique architectural construct of the villa, which allows full and rhythmic merger between in and outdoors (with its courtyards, open terraces and rich local plant life) are the major circumstances for the artistic final result.

intriguing contemporary design lebanon villa

lebanon villa interior

lebanon villa living room

steel structure wooden decking living room decor

steel structure wooden decking dining area decor

lebanon villa wooden decking

steel structure wooden decking glass enclosure

three levels house

lebanon villa staircase

system external ramps staircases

lebanon villa wooden staircase

lebanon villa bedroom

infinity pool lebanon villa

sea side landscape location lebanon villa

sea side landscape location lebanon villa 1

lebanon villa