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Casa Cambrils by Abaton Arquitectura


This Spanish house – project of ABATON Arquitectura, with its challenging plot configuration (narrow and steep), simple lined architecture and white serenity, carries the fresh and clean spirit of Mediterranean summer. The predisposition of vast windows, abundance of natural light and secluded garden allows the relative merger of indoor and outdoor spaces, which creates the impression of space much bigger than the actual size.

outdoor terrace

indoor areas linked exterior

casa cambrils dining area

casa cambrils interior

casa cambrils interior 3

The interior decor of the house is fresh and contemporary with homage to the 80’s furniture trend. The base color palette is neutral – white and beige, vivid by splashes of intense red, blue and green.  With its uniquely shaped furniture, contemporary pieces of art (sculpture, furniture and paintings) and the delicate artistic presence spread throughout the premise, the house summons unique character and dynamic. The material palette is also natural and contributes to the fresh spirit of the house – concrete walls, limestone floors, brick facade and variety of wood furniture and cladding.

casa cambrils kitchen

casa cambrils living room sofa

casa cambrils living room interior

casa cambrils living room decor

limestone floors

casa cambrils staircase

casa cambrils bedroom interior

casa cambrils interior 6

casa cambrils interior 5

casa cambrils interior 4