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Luxurious and Innovative Condominium that Overlooks the Lugano Lakeshores


Where, if not in Switzerland, can this groundbreaking architectural project, be situated? Fluttering with light and geometry, transparence and opacity, empty and full space sequence, the architects from  Motta Papiani Architetti create this luxurious and innovative condominium that overlooks the Lugano lakeshores. Cleverly designed the Lomocubes project synthesize rigorous structural link, floating sequence of texture – in – motion that allows best view advantage for the premises, and wise usage of materials, all of which concludes in a sophisticated environment and high – quality leading architecture.

lomocubes sophisticated interior environment

lomocubes sophisticated living room

lomocubes sophisticated interior living room

The memorable facade of the building cleverly combines glass, metal structures and wooden panels creating, in the end transparent and dynamic cubes hanging into open space. Surrounded by water premises (the lake at the front and a private swimming pool at the back) the building concludes its strong connection with the nature by extensive usage of wood cladding. This clear elegance and natural simplicity is straitened by the dynamic contemporary art, visible not only in the architecture but also in the interior design.

lomocubes sophisticated interior

lomocubes sophisticated environment

lomocubes sophisticated interior edra sofa

 The interior as the exterior is innovative, artistic and dynamic, throughout the space the intense correlation between in and out, view and viewers, structure and surrounding is emphasized by precise materials and structural elements. The natural travertine and oak (for doors and cladding), shining bronzed copper, crystal glass all around, all this sophistication accentuates the high quality of the building design, Abundance of art elements supplements the luxurious ambiance, sculptures and paintings, contemporary fresco by the artist Ozmo, bespoke furniture and artistic lamps, even bespoke handles – no detail is overlooked. The interior design of the apartments and suites corresponds with the overall style of the building – contemporary and unique, with high-quality materials and innovative appliances, artistic furniture and design, emanating elegant sophistication and modern comfort.

lomocubes sophisticated dining room decor

lomocubes sophisticated kitchen

lomocubes sophisticated bedroom interior

lomocubes sophisticated bathroom

lomocubes series glass cubes

lomocubes relationship interior exterior spaces

lomocubes sophisticated outdoor environment 1

lomocubes sophisticated outdoor environment

luxurious high profile condominium

residential building copper decor

luxurious innovative condominium

lomocubes luxurious condominium