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Private Mediterranean Style Retreat in Saint Tropez


Swimming pool on the edge of a cliff, stunning natural views, contemporary architecture and artistic furnishing – this Saint Tropez “maison” is all of it and many more. The architect Vincent Coste creates this truly summer – spirit house by introducing vast windows that allow the penetration of daylight in abundance, constructing an open plan exposition that takes maximum advantage of the natural giving and views and designing the interior light and elegant so that the inhabitants can fell relaxed and breath the fresh air with full chest.

outdoor fresh green yellow orange decorations

swimming pool edge cliff

swimming pool

saint tropez maison outdoor pool area

Light neutral colors and soft textures, spiced up with vital summer elements and fresh green, yellow and orange decorations; create an ambience of warm summer breeze, where comfort, lightness and relaxation are paramount. Precious materials- wood cladding and bespoke furniture, raw stone elements (buckets, sink, bathtub and decorations) give stylish and artistic atmosphere. Everything that fills up the house – from the custom-made lamps to the artistic utensils, from the designer’s furniture to the modern appliances – specks for high standard and taste without being pretentious, more like with refine French elegance. A domain that emanates the spirit of the French Riviera and warm summer nights, filled with lightness and the bright softness.

saint tropez maison bedroom

light neutral colors soft textures interior decor

light neutral colors soft textures bedroom

saint tropez maison bathroom

light neutral colors soft textures decor

saint tropez maison kitchen

saint tropez maison kitchen interior

saint tropez maison outdoor dining area