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Melbourne House Created by Inglis Architects


This refreshing architectural and contemporary design example is located in Melbourne suburbs. The house created by Inglis Architects has its one unique and generous character that is spatially in keeping with the houses in the area. Its special and creative vision starts with an elegant facade and goes on to the interior, to the stone covered inner – yard ant of course to the marvelous materials used for creating a warm and comfortable aura of the house.

unique character house brick wall

brick perforated screens steel cantilevers

unique generous character house

stone covered inner yard

steel beams frame views

Thanks to the soft natural finishes of the interior – masonry, timber and stone served clear and exposed for what they are – allow preserving hospitable and natural ambiance with minimal furnishing. The black steel beams framing doors, windows, furniture and even staircase give focus and accomplish a look to the canvas of this elegant interior. The simplicity and the clear lines of the lighting solutions and the furniture are supplemented with the natural materials used in abundance throughout the house allowing in this way the interior to breathe and the free penetration and flow of light.

kitchen interior

refreshing architectural contemporary design house

minimal furnishing dining area

clear lines elegant interior

expansive timber cladding

warm comfortable aura house decor

natural color palette reinforced elegant black details

The natural color palette reinforced with elegant black details and artistic textures creates elegant composition. Breathing in rhythm with its natural surroundings and the Australian nature the house das not lose an inch of its contemporary elegance and clear artistry.

black steel raming doors windows

natural elegant interior

custom timber claddings

elegant interior staircase

staircase black metal frame

elegant decor bathroom

marble wall bathroom