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Elegant and Stylish Apartment Renovation by Olga Akulova


The Kenzo inspiration in this Ukrainian apartment, created by Olga Akulova, is the leading style line for the renovation design. The house owner is an admirer of that stile line and had commissioned the studio of Olga Akulova for architectural and designers renovation. Clear lines, modern materials and textures, fragmented decoration and furniture, which are all staged on the scenery of a classy poured polymeric white flooring, wood decking and exposed concrete. These elements of the design and apartment architecture bring the interior decor as close it’s possible to the Kenzo home style details.

elegant comfortable living room interior

elegant beige gray–white living room decor

renovation design elegant comfortable interior

olga akulova architectural design renovation

white flooring wood decking exposed concrete

kitchen interior decor

black metal framing marble kitchen decor

The central position and natural texture of the unaltered industrial concrete columns provoke the dialog between the vital plant life and the cozy soft – seating furniture. The elegant beige – gray – white tonality juxtaposed to the punchy green of the plans, which inhabit intensely the whole premise, creates an elegant and cozy home atmosphere.  This dynamic method of juxtaposing neutral color palette with one or two vital color elements is used to vitalize the whole space- rose-pink lounge here, a green lamp there.

industrial concrete columns interior

bathroom interior decor

custom made furniture bathroom

wooden cladding veneer furniture bedroom

olga akulova design elegant comfortable bedroom

elegant cozy home atmosphere

cozy soft seating furniture

Wooden cladding and veneer furniture, greenery walls and art elements, black metal framing and marble – all speaks of class and style. Some of the custom made furniture are creation of Olga Akulova – like the truffle breakfast table with the interesting brass legs or the wall construct with metal shelves – others are purchased from renowned brands, but all together create an elegant and comfortable interior.

olga akulova design elegant comfortable outdoor area

punchy green plans