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Brick House Dynamic Interior


We envisage this space to be filled with a flurry of activity throughout day and night, the direct connection to the courtyard making it the perfect for the kids. With that in mind the screens are painted as chalkboard with magnetic undercoat, these become kids’ doodle central, activating an otherwise utilitarian transitional zone. The Brickhouse is the new addition, a space for the family, as well as for entertaining guests. It opens to both the courtyard and the backyard, bringing the two outdoor spaces together under one roof. As the brick house extends into the courtyard, a simple brick – laid – on – edge bruise – solid screens form the walls, providing access and natural ventilation to the basement garage. This often seen but forgotten core – hole pattern creates a memorable and highly textured surface en masse, and at the same time, a functional and breathing facade.

new charming brick house interior

unique minimalistic character interior decor

brick house dynamic living room decor

brick house dynamic interior

brick house dynamic dining room interior

brick house dynamic dining room decor

Playful and dynamic with interesting material accents this Australian house captures the imagination whit its beautiful brick walls, its vivid colors and its modern furnishing solutions. As the architects from the famous Architects EAT studio say the house is conceptually divided into three parts – the Lantern, the Courtyard and the Brickhouse- where the Lantern is the existing two – storey part of the house hosting the bedroom – bathroom – kitchen assemble. The Courtyard comes as a link between the old and new, between the outdoor and indoor with its sliding doors, whit it’s unique and minimalistic character, carrying the spirit and elegant sensation of old fashion Japanese home – garden.

new charming brick house dining area

sliding doors modify relationship indoor outdoor

open spaces backyard courtyard

new charming brick house garden

And then, of course there is a new and charming Brickhouse. This new space addition is created in dynamic correlation whit the open spaces of the backyard and courtyard accomplishing the dialog between out and in – door. Even the walls are transmissible providing natural ventilation and light beams access through the bricks core – hole pattern. This memorable and functional effect of the natural construct of the material (in this case the bricks) is clever and unique way to create a breathing facade. The architects and designers had an exclusive and crateful approach towards all materials used in the design. Raw steel next to luxurious honed marble, exposed bricks and fine timber veneers, courtyard paved in Mintaro slate – all stylish and creative choices. Beautiful and artistic contemporary furniture pieces are spread the house, colorful touches of yellow, dazzling blue and deep green stand out on the white-neutral base, playful elements and unusual objects create a dynamic and vivid space to inhabit.

beautiful artistic contemporary furniture pieces

stylish creative dazzling blue decor

bedroom interior

beautiful contemporary bedroom interior

brick house bathroom interior

unique minimalistic character bathroom decor


two outdoor spaces under one roof

functional brick breathing facade

utilitarian transitional zone

brick house extends courtyard

unique minimalistic character brick wall

chalkboard magnetic undercoat