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Minimalist P House Made Of Concrete and Wood


The P house is situated on the river bank in the city of Sao Paulo and is constructed by the Studio mk27 architects as a puzzle game alternating open areas with more secluded ones, void with full sections, juxtaposing concrete and wood, light and shadow.

p house modern clear lines furniture

p house modern clear lines wooden furniture

p house concrete wood light shadow

The materials used in the architectural construct and the interior design are natural, stylish and sustainable. Wood and timber cladding correspond with the modern and clear lines of the wooden furniture. The concrete walls also find its corresponding accent in the interior furnishing and decorating. Interesting solutions like the concrete wall –fireplace or the sliding bamboo walls of the first floor premises create a dynamic and attractive for exploring and inhabiting a space.

p house minimalistic aesthetic designe

p house open living areas

concrete wall–fireplace sliding bamboo walls

dining area sustainble furnishing decorating

concrete walls dining area furnishing decorating

natural stylish sustainable furniture

The vast open quadrants, organized in spiral consequence, host spaces that are open toward the outdoor and invite the maximum of the view and the light. The main color scheme of the interior is dominated by different tonalities of gray and brown and softened by the caramel wood that is to be found throughout the house. The house possesses relatively minimalistic aesthetic with strong contemporary presents and vitality brought by the gardens and open roof decks.

gardens open roof decks

host spaces open toward outdoor

puzzle game house open areas

p house relatively minimalistic aesthetic

vast open quadrants

dynamic attractive p house

p house studio mk27 marcio kogan