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Singapore House With Sunny Roof Terrace


This Singapore house, with a multi-layered facade, it’s located on a hill sight and enjoys wonderful green scenery from the rear. A contemporary home of two stories, with an attic, and sunny roof terrace -the premise is surrounded with plant life and trees – gardens and greenery penetrate even the inside of the house forming floating gardens and small paradise pieces directly into the living quarters. Operable vertical timber louvers punctuated by clear glass bay windows allow the control of the light, breeze and view penetration.

floating gardens pool area

house forming floating gardens small paradise pieces

living room interior cozy comfortable stylish

vertical timber louvers punctuated clear glass bay windows

wonderful green scenery

The interior of the house is cozy, comfortable and stylish. Magnificent wooden craft furniture in combination with modern appliances and furnishing, warmth and natural spectrum of colors and quality materials, complete this elegant interior. Designers and architects create an ambiance of natural wood and timber, soft textures and beautiful art ornaments, abundance of sunlight beams penetrating the premise in combination with elegant architectural lines and unique structures -like the limestone staircase connecting the three levels. The domination of wood as a material for cladding, furnishing and decorating, combined with some more modernistic materials, gives to this semi-detached house a contemporary and stylish outlook.

white decor kitchen

comfortable stylish marble wood decor bathroom

comfortable stylish dining area

comfortable stylish interior decor

house sunny roof terrace

contemporary home two stories sunny roof terrace

two storie house sunny roof terrace

ambiance natural wood timber house