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Mnochrome Kiev Apartment by Alena Yudina


Alena Yudina is a young and talented designer that manages to involve at this project young Ukrainian designers. The decor of the apartment is in a monochrome scheme with the use of predominantly white color. Designer chooses wood floors for the living areas and white granite floors for the kitchen. Interior of the apartment is filled with straight lines, strict geometric forms and sharp corners of furniture. That was softened with rounded silhouettes of lamps and fixtures.

bird decor apartment

white granite floors kitchen

dining room monochrome predominantly white color

odesd2 collection furniture

kiev apartment alena yudina

Bird figurines can be found in the bathroom, bedroom, kitchen and figures pillows in the living room. Mosaic birds are made by Anna Krut of Dnepropetrovsk Love Mosaic workshop. Svyatoslav Zbroya and Dmitry Bulgakov of design bureau ODESD2 designed for the apartment entire collection of furniture. Benches for the dining room and hallway, a set of shelves and a dresser for the bedroom and bathroom shelves.

living area odesd2 collection furniture

wood floors living areas

white color walls bedroom grey textile

bird figurines bedroom decor

bedroom strict geometric forms

bathroom interior