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Cube Shaped Glass House by BBSC-Architects


Light, space, amazing view, unconventional architectural forms and elegant interior- what more a house needs?  This contemporary project of the BBSC-Architects team is located in the Netherlands, and it’s blessed with a great location near a beautiful lake. The white cubical shape of the house, the spaciously mirrored windows and modern materials of the exterior architecture, set the theme for the continuity of the interior.

house great location near beautiful lake

white cubical shape house

outdoor dining area

Architects and designers have created a simple, minimalistic and elegant interior using natural materials and keeping sustainability in mind – laminated parquet, white appliances and furniture,  play with voids and shapes give the space clean, light and contemporary appearance  allowing the great natural location and view to dominate and define the sense of the habitation. The vast windows welcoming the open water view, the white walls that absorb and reflect the abundance of natural light, a neutral color palette of the furnishing are clever means to achieve unique character of the premise using the help of the natural predispositions of the location. Through voids and irregular shapes, using unusual space dividers (like the magnificent fireplace at the ground floor) the architects create dynamic interior, complimented with simple, comfortable and modern furniture, elegant rugs and some colorful art pieces and ornaments. Usually it is a great challenge and difficult task to create simple and minimalistic interior that at the same time feels cozy and comfortable- in this modern lake house, the goal is achieved.

glass cubical shape house

contemporary cube shaped house

fireplace separated living dining area

light contemporary living room fireplace

kitchen laminated parquet white appliances furniture

white kitchen appliances furniture

clean light contemporary dining area

simple minimalistic elegant interior


glass wall bathroom