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Modern Wood Stone Home Design


This, dazzling in its simplicity, house located in the Asia District of Peru, offers conceptual journey through voids and solids and shadow-light dance. Its spatial nudity, serenity of complexion and abundance of light correspond with the spirit of the desert and the sea that is visible in the distance. The premises of the house hold a dynamic dialog between light and shadow, open and void spaces and interesting curves and angles. The materials and textures used to inhabit the space are austere, smooth and natural so not to disturb the continuity of the surfaces.

living room dazzling simplicity

living area shadow light dance

soft earthly color interior

dining area

house located woods sea

The character of the house is determined from lots of shady corners and niches, which offer sanctuary from inclemency of the desert, cleverly accompanied by abundance of natural light and vast open views. The furnishing and the cladding of walls and floors is decided with natural materials and textures in soft earthly color shade that range from white and soft gray to beige and strong brawn and give the house almost philosophical serenity and irreplaceable austere elegance.

house generate spaces shadow

reception area patio 1

dining area

living area natural materials textures soft earthly color

reception area patio


open space interesting curves angles

house determent lots shady corners niches

patio stairs


simple house concept white walls cement

simple authoritarian concept white walls cement

dazzling simplicity house located peru