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Glamorous Istanbul Apartment by Tanju Ozelgin


This glamorous and stylish apartment design is created by Tanju Özelgin and is located in the Turkish capital- Istanbul. The project goal to create memorable modern interior by mixing local forms and materials –raw concrete and stone combined with polished marble, wood and glass- in combination with contemporary furniture, astonishing art pieces and strong colors and textures leads to the creation of unusually modernistic and artistic example of Turkish design.

dynamic living space first floor

stonewall panels clad walls living area

high windows living area

Strong and impressive feature of the design is the stonewall panels that clad the walls of the living area and corridor. Their combination with the gorgeous wooden parquet, the unusual central staircase with its art signature, creates a great dynamic in the vast living space on the first floor. The dark grained marble surfaces of the tables, the huge two floors high windows, the strong character of the color scheme – dark gray and black, energized by splashes of red and white- all that gives certain grandeur to the premise.

strong impressive design dining area

dark gray black interior decor

large black marble table

dining table dark marble surface

polished marble wood glass interior decor

large leather sofa

dark gray black living room decor

bookshelf living room

Throughout the space the wall and floor cladding are pieces of impressive craftsmen’s work- regardless of the material in use – either are the magnificent stone plates in the living room, or the geometrical wood panels of the staircase, or the elegant granite in the bathrooms, all of them define the apartment as a stylish and modern living space with great lighting solutions and unique art pieces and furniture.

geometrical wood panels staircase

art decor

bathroom dark marble surfaces

concrete stonewall panels bedroom

dark gray black bedroom interior

polished marble bathroom

dark grained marble surfaces bathroom

dark gray black energized splashes red white decor