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Sunny Yellow Outdoor Furniture Collection


With its sunny yellow collection Mex, consisting of a two-seater sofa, chair, bench, stool and swing, a string of half a centimeter thickness wound – a coil similar – tightly around a simple wire frame , galvanized white painted metal. Small bent ears on the sides keep the tracks close together and so draw the pattern of the elastic seats. The weather-resistant ropes are knotted specifically for the collection, and woven to macrame art from hand to finished products. The frame is wrapped in such a way that the furniture looks like hollowed out in cross-section, and the linkage of seating and storage area is visible only in the space. The young label of the Swiss company Pfister offers the swing in bright orange or ultramarine blue.

sunny yellow outdoor collection

two seater sofa

macrame elastic seat

sunny yellow mex collection

white painted metal frame

ropes knotted chair

sunny yellow swing