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Exotic Oriental Restaurant Decor


Divan Restaurant brings an exotic oriental fragrance in Bucharest – Romania. Its interior design represents elegant and precisely measured fusion between ottoman art and custom designed objects. You are lead to the inner space through ottoman arcs and hanging wooden ornaments, that brings you to warm and cozy space with authentic Turkish carpets covering the walls and small tables surrounded with cushions sitting. That atmosphere gives you the unmistakable sensation of an oriental bazaar – where owners always invite you to sit down in carpet cover room, for a tea and chat, before discussing a purchase.

earthly tones exposed wood dining decor

tiles various shades torques

ottoman decor dining area

mosaic tiles ottoman decor

Various shades of torques, earthly tones, exposed wood and tender tinge of gray are the palate notes that hold this place atmosphere in the warmth embrace of comfort. Every detail of the interior design is inspired by the Orient and the ottoman art. The lightning solution features custom made lamps in the shape of fez or nargile base. The floors are covered with mosaic tiles with ottoman and Iznik motifs. The decorative cooper elements on the walls and counter tops are from traditional folk- life style. But there is again the eclectic fusion of eras – the exposed, sculpture- like, pluming on the roof, the clean, simple lines of the chair design and the table bases.

ottoman arcs lighting decor

oriental bazaar dining decor

interior decorative cooper elements walls

ottoman art custom designed objects

authentic turkish carpets decor