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Renovation of a Brick Art Deco House


The renovation of an existing single storey brick art deco house set back from the street. The architect had to create a new living and alfresco areas with strong physical and visual connections to the outdoor spaces.

house decorative timber patterning9

house decorative timber patterning10

Living areas have been consciously designed to remain flexible as either playrooms, studies, additional living areas or retreats. So as the dynamics of the family change over time, the spaces can adapt accordingly. The linear detailing on the street facade chimney is a cue for the decorative timber patterning on the new extension. The use of timber also references its Bayside location, offering a dialogue between the suburban frontage and a more coastal design approach to the rear, referencing its dual context. via archdaily

house decorative timber patterning2

outdoor dining space1

house decorative timber patterning8

outdoor space4

flexible living area7

flexible living area11