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Luxury Retreat


Architecturally inspiring, in both appearance and function, 1232 Sunset Plaza radiates a warm, California modern allure draped in sophistication and delight, while conveying an unmistakable sense of strength, volume and boldness. Exterior and interior transitional spaces are rich in fluidity so that the capacity to enjoy and entertain is always sensible and effortless. Sweeping panoramic views of the city, afforded by an endless number of vantage points throughout the estate, are nothing short of breathtaking. Equally stunning are the views of the property itself from within, as architectural and landscape elements serve as artistic expressions and repeatedly delight as one explores the property.

california modern allure sophistication8

california modern allure sophistication5

sunset plaza pool area7

exterior sunset plaza 1

sunset plaza living room10

sunset plaza dining area9

sunset plaza kitchen interior4

sunset plaza living room6

sunset plaza bedroom interior2

sunset plaza 11

sunset plaza bedroom interior3