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House Composed of Glass and Rusted Steel


The house is situated on the river shore. The envelope of the building is composed of glass and rusted steel planes which were mounted in vertical segments in order to have a metaphorical relation with growing pine trees on the site. Even though steel is quite refined and cold material, its bright ocher colour hues like wide planks cut from a fresh wood and gives a visual warmth to the house.

glass rusted steel house

glass rusted steel house dining area

glass rusted steel house kitchen

The project has successfully implemented a number of bold modern design solutions. After remowing the wooden formwork, rough concrete texture appeared and became the main interior expression element. In addition, transparent and smooth glass surfaces were widely used which made the interior staying in touch with nature. via

glass rusted steel house interior decor

glass rusted steel house bedroom

glass rusted steel house interior

glass rusted steel house8

glass rusted steel house5