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Net-Box and Scriba


Net-Box and Scriba for Molteni & C are, respectively, a multi-functional wardrobe and a multi-functional desk, each possessed of the kinds of compartments within compartments that make storage not only eminently useful but also quite intriguing. Just the thing for those with a fetish for hidden confines, with cherished memories of secreting oneself away in a dark and private space.

Constructed of solid and laminate wood and lacquered metal mesh, Net-Box re-conceives the locker into a spacious and well-organized clothes horse with a bright, modern look. The metal mesh doors are outfitted with side storage, thus making excellent use of this potentially wasted space.

Scriba is a complementary piece. Made of the same light-toned wood as Net-Box, Scriba also incorporates some daring dashes of alternative materiality, like the built-in metal mesh book support and the clever leather side pocket that drapes casually off to the side like the saddlebags of an elegant Gaucho. Other of Scriba’s pragmatic features include a handy side drawer and a customized computer niche complete with pull-out keyboard tray.