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Redesigned Historical Farmhouse in France

26.10.2012 | No Comments

Located in the historic district of Pied de La Plagne, in the village of Morzine (French Alps), this ancient farmhouse was singled out ...

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House in Comporta

23.10.2012 | No Comments

House in Comporta represents the perfect representation of the lazy, carefree, and brilliant season. The house, designed by Gonçalo Sa...

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Sea-line Table Design

19.10.2012 | No Comments

Table from the collection "Sea-Line" with functional designed is one of the most longest tables. With its 3.60 m it is one of the long...

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Contemporary Crafstmanship

16.10.2012 | No Comments

Branca-Lisboa is a new product and accessory label for the home that was inspired by the magic light of Lisbon city. Each piece is the ...

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Rock House

11.10.2012 | No Comments

Rock House in Rocas de Santo Domingo, Chile  designed by UN Arquitectura. Nice composition of forms and volumes, with modern material ...

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Compact Work Areas

9.10.2012 | No Comments

Spanish design studio Masquespacio have turned a dilapidated Valencia art gallery into an office for a law firm. The 100 square metre ...

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Stuck Chair by Oato Design Studio

9.10.2012 | No Comments

Concept behind the Stuck chair is simple. Taking apart the components of an archetypical chair, Oato design studio wanted to create a s...

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Forest-like Lounge at a Hotel in Oslo

28.09.2012 | No Comments

London studio Haptic has created a forest-like lounge at a hotel in Oslo, filled with trees, stacks of lumber and a plant-covered wall...

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Wind as a Primary Agent of Design

20.09.2012 | No Comments

Though the garden tradition exists in many permutations, formal tendencies often obscure the ephemeral qualities of the local landscape...

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Beach Walk House

14.09.2012 | No Comments

This Fire Island house is located directly behind beach-front dunes. The soft neutral colors and natural wood tones used in the archite...

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Modern Wood Flooring

4.09.2012 | 3 Comments

Ushering parquet into a brave new world, Bauwerk Parquet and Zurich designer Virginia Maissen put their heads together and came up with...

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Surf-inspired Bar and Club

3.09.2012 | No Comments

The radical design departure for bar owners JD Wetherspoon, has seen Absolute reworking the space to create a homage to the town’s mo...

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Traditionally Oak: The Use of Wood in Home Design

23.08.2012 | 1 Comment

Out of all the internal materials that we build our homes with, it is oak which we find takes precedence over all others. Although our ...

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Re-designed Restaurant Interior

21.08.2012 | No Comments

Amerikka Design Office Ltd. had created a new space concept for the restaurant, designed to support its new food, drink and service con...

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