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Greatest New Headboard

2.09.2011 | No Comments

More Headboards features a wide selection of all kinds, from cheap headboards to discount headboards to quality designer headboards. In...

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Two story beach house

29.08.2011 | No Comments

Lance Herbst, principal of Auckland-based studio Herbst Architects has build this two story beach house is located at Piha North, a nor...

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Bowen Island House

28.08.2011 | No Comments

Bowen Island is approximately 30 minutes by ferry from Vancouver, BC. The property is south facing, with a view over the Straight of G...

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Hawaiian pavilion

15.08.2011 | No Comments

The program is arranged as a series of pods distributed throughout the property, each having its own unique features and view opportun...

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Redemption Table

6.08.2011 | No Comments

American designer Christopher Kurtz has created 'redemption' table for New York based manufacturer Matter. A reference to the religious...

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The Hill Plain House

2.08.2011 | No Comments

The rectilinear planform of the building is based on agricultural construction and considers the integration of object and landscape. ...

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Working Girl, a wonderful workshop stool

21.07.2011 | No Comments

British furniture producer Deadgood has release Working Girl, a wonderful workshop stool designed by talented David Irwin. The stool h...

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Welcome to the Jungle

15.07.2011 | No Comments

Portuguese designer Rui Alves of My Own Super Studio presented this herd of benches called Welcome to the Jungle, the five pieces each...

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Tsujita LA Ceiling Installation

14.07.2011 | No Comments

Japanese designer Takeshi Sano has created a ceiling design, using thousands of wooden sticks, in the Tsujita restaurant in Los Angeles...

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Cool Concrete Interior

8.07.2011 | No Comments

The name of this abode might be darn near unpronounceable for someone who doesn’t speak German, but the language of its modern inte...

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Lounge Furniture Collection

22.06.2011 | No Comments

The Spine Collection is a lounge furniture collection inspired by an ongoing dialogue between SPACE Copenhagen, Signe Bindslev Henrikse...

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Square in Boots collection

15.06.2011 | No Comments

Funny and friendly the “Square in Boots” series looks as if square tables are wearing boots in their legs to walk, and has two sto...

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Soft Line Chair

26.05.2011 | No Comments

Ja-mi-rang refers to falling into sleep, with sleep in Korean language. Glamorous solid characteristic shows comfort that ease the ten...

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Contemporary Sculptural Building

18.05.2011 | 1 Comment

In this case a young family engaged JCB to design their new permanent residence which would replace a dilapidated 1950’s two storey ...

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