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Great selection of furniture

14.03.2012 | No Comments

If you're looking to buy a coffee table or a couch, chair, it may be difficult to find the perfect one, you should look at Cymax, they ...

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Challenge to Transform a Bungalow

12.03.2012 | No Comments

The Dutch interior designer Remy Meijers viewed it as a challenge to transform a double bungalow, designed by the famous architect Gerr...

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New Storage System

7.03.2012 | No Comments

Birdstick is a small and flexible storage unit inspired by nesting boxes and trees. Birdstick consists of poles and three modules made ...

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Cave-like Space for Starbucks

6.03.2012 | 1 Comment

Location of this Starbucks is somehow characteristic, as it stands on the main approach to the Dazaifu Tenmangu, one of the most major ...

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Monumental Candlestick

23.02.2012 | 1 Comment

From Anki Gneib, a monumental candlestick that encourages us to celebrate in our everyday lives. More than ever we need to surround ou...

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Remodeling of an Urban House

22.02.2012 | 1 Comment

Located in the city of Estoril, Portugal, in a low-density urban area, house sits quietly a house in a field where green predominates. ...

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A Kind of Casual Elegance

16.02.2012 | No Comments

The structure, in maple wood, is composed of a line segmented in space, forming the seat and backrest. Fixed to the structure is a high...

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Amazing Residence Renovation

19.01.2012 | 1 Comment

This agricultural property in Sonoma is the home of two scientists who are involved in a number of farm projects. The Owners requested ...

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Conceptual desk

3.01.2012 | No Comments

 'Capa' desk is created by Reinhard Dienes for the Foundry collection, crafting a work which speaks to the design ideals of both creat...

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Circular Surface objects

23.12.2011 | No Comments

The exhibition 'Cirkel' by Dutch designers Daphna Isaacs Burggraaf and Laurens Manders of Daphna Laurens. Each piece within the install...

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Exceptional rings of bent wood

12.12.2011 | No Comments

Bentwood Rings from Bojt Studio- a studio of artisans, specializing in the Scandinavian tradition of bending wood. Their niche is fine...

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A levitating house

5.12.2011 | 1 Comment

A fantastic play with materials, surfaces and shapes. While the materiality of the ground floor; concrete, glass, aluminum, relates to...

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Travel Drawers

29.11.2011 | No Comments

Travel Drawers is a modular combination of wooden drawers with different sizes. Elegant and attractive details give personality to each...

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‘Coracle’ Lounge Chair by Benjamin Hubert for De La Espada

22.11.2011 | No Comments

British industrial designer, Benjamin Hubert, created coracle and cargo for London based furniture manufacturer De La Espada, two chair...

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