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Cozy Renovated New Zealand House

23.07.2014 | No Comments

This cozy, renovated New Zealand house gets its warm charm through combining the modernistic look with, typical for the neighborhood, c...

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Innovative Green Ecco Hotel by Dissing+Weitling

21.07.2014 | No Comments

They create my favorite shoes, but now we see that they have much to offer in terms of comfort, beauty and high standards when it comes...

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Glass Objects for Everyday Use

18.07.2014 | No Comments

Finnish designer Maija Puoskari combines glass and wood to create objects for everyday use that are simple, practical and innovative. ...

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Restaurant Loeweneck Design Concept by Dyer – Smith Frey

15.07.2014 | No Comments

Fresh ethnic motif - Aztec prints, on a wall draws attention to this new restaurant by design – duo Dyer – Smith Frey, when you get...

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Modern Nature – Inspired Home in Singapore

3.07.2014 | No Comments

This modern Singapore house with its esthetic gardens, beautiful natural surroundings, massive wooden fixtures and high quality archite...

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Outdoor Pool Hidden in Forest Park

30.06.2014 | No Comments

Lone Outdoor Pools are part of Hotel Lone outdoor spaces, hidden in forest park. The project includes three outdoor pools and an accomp...

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Melbourne House Created by Inglis Architects

23.06.2014 | No Comments

This refreshing architectural and contemporary design example is located in Melbourne suburbs. The house created by Inglis Architects h...

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Vital and Cozy Seafront Villas

20.06.2014 | No Comments

A postcard beauty? - But those villas, with their ocean view and palm tree sunsets are real, vital and cozy Vietnam places. Focusing at...

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Vacation Home Combines Warmth of Wood with a Bright Open Interior

11.06.2014 | No Comments

If you ever wonder how to achieve a delicate balance between the spirit of vacation hut and contemporary urban style interior and dispo...

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Vintage Style Seafood Restaurant Interior

30.05.2014 | No Comments

Nir Portal has designed a Goocha - seafood restaurant located in Tel Aviv. The main objective in the design of the restaurant was to pr...

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Wooden High Froc Chair for Toddlers and Kids

12.05.2014 | No Comments

Froc is a product of Rimarket, a family company based in Slovenia, EU. Together with design studio Gigodesign they developed a new wood...

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Shustov Brandy Bar Decor by Denis Belenko Design Band

7.05.2014 | No Comments

This amazing and artistic restaurant decor can be found and enjoyed in Odessa – Ukraine.  Denis Belenko Design Band has created this...

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Elegant Eco-Friendly Beach Residence

5.05.2014 | No Comments

House by the water - a lake and the ocean are nearby- abundance of light, great views, warm wood, stylish glass and perforated steel. T...

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Renovated Mexican Residence by Paola Calzada Arquitectos

30.04.2014 | No Comments

This Mexican house, build in 1976, is completely renovated by Paola Calzada Arquitectos. The architects used as much it’s possible of...

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