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AMASS Modules for a Visually Iconic Space

4.10.2013 | No Comments

Benjamin Hubert has been commissioned to design a 200m2 auditorium space for UK trade show 100% Design. The auditorium housed Hosting T...

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The Lampe Gras – An Icon of 20th Century

1.10.2013 | No Comments

In 1921, Bernard-Albin Gras designed a series of lamps for use in offices and in industrial environments. The Lampe Gras, as it was sub...

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Trendy Italian Kitchen

30.09.2013 | No Comments

Etoile, a kitchen that expresses Italian tradition in a wise yet modern way while suggesting an original interpretation of an internati...

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Art Installation of Windmills

27.09.2013 | No Comments

Lebanese designer Najla El Zein has installed 5000 spinning paper windmills in a doorway at the V&A museum in London. Each of the s...

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Inside Wall Tiles Collection

27.09.2013 | No Comments

Wall tiles are popular, elegant and timelessly decorating materials. Modern wall tile designs offer wonderful ways to add a splash of c...

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Carpet Tiles Collection, Inspired by the Ocean

26.09.2013 | No Comments

Net Effect. the global carpet tile manufacturer’s latest collection, is inspired by the ocean’s life-giving power but also its plig...

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Cool Interior Surfaces

25.09.2013 | No Comments

The tile - beloved of suburbia for generations. Warm, reassuring, trustworthy - dead. Or, if not dead, at least wheezing in a disconcer...

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House With a Bronze Leaf Facade

24.09.2013 | No Comments

Squire and Partners recently completed a private house in Mayfair, London, which features a bronze leaf facade. The project mirrors an ...

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Freestyle- Sectional Modular Sofa by Ferruccio Laviani

23.09.2013 | No Comments

Upholstering designed as clothes, felled seams and darts to avoid even the smallest crease. Independent from each another, seats and ba...

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Consumer – LED Pendant Collection

16.09.2013 | No Comments

Suspended light fitting. Body in varnished aluminium sheet, shade in photo-etched optical polycarbonate. Internal reflector in photo-et...

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Flexible Lighting System

11.09.2013 | No Comments

Flexible design solution, thought for all these spaces in which light sources’ elasticity is required, in order to eschew to adapt ea...

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Wall-mounted storage wall by Gian Vittorio Plazzogna

10.09.2013 | No Comments

Born from the combination and abbreviation of “Cesar” and “Day”, this furnishing system was designed to be the ideal continuati...

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Cement Candlestick by Jean-Charles Amey

9.09.2013 | No Comments

Grandissant is thought as an organic candelabra, inviting users to change shape to their ideal. Its design plays with the image of a tr...

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Table Lamp on a Concrete Base

3.09.2013 | No Comments

Leimu is a table lamp which has a glass lampshade which sits on a concrete base. The glass is tinted in a copper colour to produce a wa...

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