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3D Wall Panel

30.08.2013 | No Comments

Modular 3D Wall Panel for interior , design by Jose Manuel Ferrero for Sankal. In the bedroom, in the hall, in the lounge, in a restaur...

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Modular Furniture System Docks

28.08.2013 | No Comments

The modular furniture system 'Docks' by Berlin-based designers Till Grosch and Björn Meier can be combined in various ways to create d...

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San Sen House Made of Wood and Glass

26.08.2013 | No Comments

Located in the woods in the area of Valle de Bravo, San Sen house is designed with a steel structure floating on the ground. It is cove...

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Helena’s Villa

21.08.2013 | No Comments

A site bounded by other dwellings necessitated a villa concept designed with privacy in mind. Angular, modernist geometry interprets th...

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Bookcase and mirror by Marcello Ziliani

16.08.2013 | No Comments

Mirror at matt white lacquered metal bookcase  design by Marcello Ziliani. Adjustable mirror. To be placed on the floor or suspended f...

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Ring table by Gianluigi Landoni

10.08.2013 | No Comments

Escher's impossible figures inspire a coffee table that founds its uniqueness on a base that contains the harmony of those shapes. Ring...

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Playful Screen System

9.08.2013 | No Comments

Loop is a playful screen system that offers users opportunities to form creative combinations. The product consists of a white or black...

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Round Steel Coffee Table by Antonino Sciortino

8.08.2013 | No Comments

These two furniture accessories, created for La Cividina by Sicilian designer Antonino Sciortino, evoke the heritage and passion of the...

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Contemporary Twist to the Interior Design of a Restaurant

8.08.2013 | No Comments

YOD Design Lab has given a contemporary twist to the interior design of a restaurant in downtown Kiev, whilst instilling the spirit of ...

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Contemporary Table System

6.08.2013 | No Comments

A Florence design graduate has created an inspired and innovative piece of furniture that reflects her interpretation of the dynamic be...

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Sector Structure Multifunctional Hall

2.08.2013 | No Comments

The Central Salo sector is at the intersection of two axes of great importance to the municipality of Sant Boi de Llobregat, the Carret...

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Quartz Armchair

1.08.2013 | No Comments

Greek design studio CTRLZAK have collaborated with Davide Barzaghi to create the Quartz Armchair. QUARTZ is a system that couples two-d...

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Restaurante El Merca’o

27.07.2013 | No Comments

Simple decor at Restaurante El Merca’o was made by Vaíllo & Irigaray + Galar- lattice of green glass bottles, lamps and acoustic...

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Burnley Living Roofs

24.07.2013 | No Comments

Green infrastructure, including the installation of plants on under-utilised urban surfaces, can provide significant environmental bene...

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