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Modern Brazilian Dwelling

21.11.2013 | No Comments

An example for a modern Brazilian dwelling. The apartment is located in a building designed by architect Oscar Niemeyer. Strong and war...

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Dark, but Cozy Home in the Mountain

19.11.2013 | No Comments

Warm and inviting Chalet Canelle are located in town of Kappl in Tyrol. The chalet has an impressive view of the surrounding Alps. You ...

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Eclectic House With a Raw Natural Decor

14.11.2013 | No Comments

Large family home with gorgeous decor in neutral natural tones. Villa Yarze was designed by Raëd Abillama Architects and is located in...

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The Moving Colours of Stone

8.11.2013 | No Comments

Opus Motus is the new playful stone design installation by Raffaello Galiotto in conjunction with Lithos Design, the result of a study ...

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Santorini House Painted in White

8.11.2013 | No Comments

Beautifully restored house at the island of Santorini, which is typical for the area. Beautiful building with rounded shapes painted in...

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How To Create A Stylish Natural Outdoor Area In Your Garden

4.11.2013 | No Comments

Dragging a tired-looking table and set of chairs out onto your lawn or your patio is hardly the right atmosphere for relaxing and reall...

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Club Recalling a ’60 s Audition Hall

31.10.2013 | No Comments

Studio Hermes is a club and restaurant featuring shows from cabaret to live bands. The interior designer Corvin Cristianbar designed a ...

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Design That Exudes Warmth and Character

30.10.2013 | No Comments

This project retains and restores the original frontage while adding a rear addition with three levels of new living space. Conceptuall...

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An Open Plan House With a Quiet Garden

29.10.2013 | No Comments

Brick facade that is like a filter between a busy street and a quiet garden. House is with an open facade with two generous windows. Fa...

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TripAdvisor’s Office Designed by Singapore’s Kyoob-id

24.10.2013 | No Comments

Singapore’s commercial interior design company, Kyoob-id, has in September completed an interior design and build project for TripAdv...

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Natural and Rustic Interior of a Creative Agency

21.10.2013 | 3 Comments

This two-story masonry and timber warehouse embodies many of the rustic characteristics found in Tolleson’s earlier offices, such as ...

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4a Architekten Give Character to Residential House in Moscow

21.10.2013 | No Comments

 A house built in the 1990s, a client who openly welcomes change and a team of architects who are able to give a new identity to a bui...

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L-shaped Family House

19.10.2013 | 1 Comment

The single-family house is located in Bisceglie, one of the most idyllic and charming seaside resorts in the Italian Southern region of...

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New Trend: White-Paste Wall Tiles

16.10.2013 | No Comments

Grace collection in search of a classic, sober style, albeit reinterpreted with a touch of originality, stands out for its discreet and...

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